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Treehouse Café features artwork from local artists rotating through our walls every two months.  We showcase all types of artwork from photography, to charcoal artists, to painting.  Here is our schedule of featured artists:


March-April, 2015: Mark Rosenwald

Mark Rosenwald, Procession III

Procession III, by Mark Rosenwald

Art is a flimsy word. Art cherishes mystery and is difficult to pin down definitively. It actively eludes a common definition and embraces subjectivity like an old friend at the bar.


But usually, we humans know art when we experience it. Art thrives universally in the natural world, where it is free to reign unchecked and unquestioned by nearly all participants. A rose or a rainbow is rarely artistically criticized by the bulk of nature’s denizens. Yet, humans persist with the self-aggrandizing notion that we know…we just know what art is and isn’t.


The decision happens in the blink of an eye. How is a subject packaged for the viewer/consumer? Did someone say it was art? We get so wrapped up in this, we fail to see that art happens all around us. Enough about my thoughts on the matter. I am happy to share with you my eclectic, artistic derivations in this magnificent place, the Treehouse Cafe.

May-June, 2015: Leigh Knowles Metteer

Art by Leigh Knowles Metteer

Leigh Knowles Metteer

All Call (Calling Karen) by Leigh Knowles Metteer

All Call (Calling Karen) by Leigh Knowles Metteer

Artist Leigh Knowles Metteer currently teaches at Knowles Studio in Poulsbo. She previously taught at Olympic College in Bremerton and West Sound Academy in Poulsbo. She has had over seventy-five solo, group and juried exhibitions from 1981 – present.


Her art is on display in numerous permanent collections, including the National Museum of Art in Washington, D.C.


For more information, visit her website at

July-August, 2015: Lori Grant

Lori Grant, Rain Dance

Rain Dance, by Lori Grant

Lori Grant, Father's Day

Father’s Day, by Lori Grant

Something like a digital flash, time and its ethereal qualities leave behind imprints, ever so brief.


With that, Lori’s subjects come from an urgency to connect again, to an instant in nature, the spontaneity of a child, or some moment of insight. She seeks out too, those times so silent, so still, you hear your own heart beat, and gathers up its spell.


Since her early childhood memories on Bainbridge Island, Washington, creativity has been to Lori, as essential to life as water. Her work in photography as a young adult, led her into visual arts expressed now, by brush.


Her favorite settings are in the limitless natural beauty of the coastal states, amid the charm of rural America, or where the exotic experiences of a foreign land can still be found.

September-October, 2015: Robert Alescio

Robert Alescio, Loose Leaf Loses Leaves

Loose Leaf Loses Leaves, by Robert Alescio

Serenissima, Robert Alescio

Serenissima, by Robert Alescio

Photography is used not just to record, but to re-imagine the world around me. From childhood darkroom to today’s digital environment, my desire has been to capture the essence of a scene – and then to expound upon it.


Color and composition are my first principles, the predominant features of my photos. The colors must be bold and lively, yet not overwhelming. I look for a broad vista in which an interrelated whole can be perceived. Added to this is an extended range of illumination. The palette expands; shadows reveal their secrets.


Patience and persistence are among the best tools, along with the diligence to get out early in the day. The results, hopefully, impart a pleasing impression.


Inspiration for the pictures in this exhibit is drawn from the allure of the Old World, the varied landscapes of North America, and right here at home on Bainbridge Island.

November-December, 2015: Mark McKnight

Rising from Ashes, by Mark McKnight

Rising from Ashes, by Mark McKnight

Stories to Tell, by Mark McKnight

Stories to Tell, by Mark McKnight

In The Mist, by Mark McKnight

In The Mist, by Mark McKnight



mountains, ocean, forests
all gifts
through marrow
through ghost
offerings of seclusion
toward becoming
the empty one
the filled one
come nature
cloud, wave, leaf
shadow and light
gratitude fills each instant


– mark mcknight

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