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Kathryn Claire

May 5, 2017 @ 8:00 pm
FREE! Donations Appreciated!

Kathryn Claire is thrilled to be returning to The Treehouse with her band and a new album, “Bones Will Last”.  The ten tracks on “Bones Will Last” draw from her extensive international travel over the past 10 years, and synthesize her personal and musical history.

Kathryn Claire skillfully weaves together stories and melodies rooted in her classical  and traditional musical background. Her honest and poetic writing and her unique voice move seamlessly across genres. The sound is energized, inspired and eclectic, yet there is a distinctive sound that is her own.  She has spent years cultivating her own style and approach to music as a violinist, guitar player, singer, and songwriter. Strong fundamentals from her classical and traditional music background combined with improvisation has made her a favorite at venues, festivals and institutions around the world. She has toured and performed extensively in the US, Japan, India, Holland, Belgium and France, and performed at The Treehouse with Hanz Araki and Ashley Flynn.

In her latest album “Bones Will Last,” musician and composer Kathryn Claire has created a unique collection of songs and instrumental compositions. With her violin and voice at the forefront, Kathryn is supported by mandolin, upright bass and piano.  “Bones Will Last” is a hopeful and heartbreaking album, exploring deeply both personal and universal themes of loss, love and transformation. Her honest and poetic writing and her unique voice move seamlessly across genres creating an aesthetic which is original and diverse.


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