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Open Mic Science

November 7, 2017 @ 8:00 pm

8pm the First Tuesday of every month.

“Open Mic Science” invites the community to an evening at The Treehouse Café on Bainbridge Island to explore ideas in all aspects of science and technology in an informal, social setting. Talks are held the first Tuesday of every month at 8 PM. Enjoy pizza and beer, and stay abreast of current knowledge. Open Mic Science, A Bainbridge Science Café, is based on the principles of Cafe Scientifique and is committed to the public understanding of science.



Our November speaker is Matt Kaeberlein of the University of Washington. He will present a talk on Aging and Longevity.



Topic: 21st Century Medicine: Targeting aging to promote health longevity

Matt is a biologist and biogerontologist best known for his research on evolutionarily conserved mechanisms of aging. He is currently a Professor of Pathology at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Abstract: “Age is the greatest risk factor for nearly every major cause of disability and death in developed nations.  In the past, biomedical research has focused on disease-specific approaches in an attempt to “cure” disorders of aging such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.  While this approach has led to many advances, the search for cures has been disappointingly ineffective.  People are living longer today than ever before, but this increase in life expectancy comes with the price of increased disease burden during old age.  I propose that 21st century medicine should focus on the underlying process of aging itself – in order to keep people healthy longer, rather than waiting for them to get sick and become frail.  Geroscience is the science of the biology of aging, and many exciting advances have been made recently in this field.  Hallmarks of aging have been identified that provide insights into the molecular mechanisms of aging, and interventions are being developed with the potential to delay or even partially reverse these processes.  Increases in healthy longevity of 30-50% have been achieved in small animals including laboratory mice and rats, and may soon be possible in larger animals living in the human environment, such as pet dogs.  By targeting the aging process directly, we have the potential to dramatically increase healthspan by delaying the onset and progression of many diseases simultaneously.  For this reason, I believe that targeting aging is the ultimate preventative medicine.”



Intellectual curiosity required.

No specific science knowledge needed.

All talks are Free.  All Ages Welcome. Discussion, Questions and Comments Encouraged.

For details about the Science Café program on Bainbridge Island, Open Mic Science, please check out website:


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