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The Cave Singers – SOLD OUT!

January 26, 2013 @ 8:00 pm
The Cave Singers have been walking that tenuous line between folk and indie rock, like The The Head & The Heart meets Johnny Cash, and they are just hitting their stride.  Gaining recognition at major festivals and much airplay on local iconic station KEXP, they are poised to pounce.


The Cave Singers spend a good deal of time beyond the darkened edges of Seattle, in the mist and mystic, among the wolves and redwoods. And their songs, at least on record, have always been like beautiful, faded grayscale photos of this hinterland. Now, these photos are injected with hot blood and technicolor, a ferocity and bite new to the band.


By all accounts, No Witch is The Cave Singers’ rock record. Laid to tape with dark wizard producer Randall Dunn (Black Mountain, Sunn O))), Boris), No Witch is grander and more lush than The Cave Singers’ previous efforts. It’s also a nervier, scrappier affair: greasy guitars buck and rear up; Eastern-influenced blues snake through songs; gospel choirs rise up like tidal waves. There are big, grinning nods to Beggars Banquet-era Stones, the best of Mellencamp (“Clever Creatures”) and the juke joint legends of Mississippi like Junior Kimbrough and R.L. Burnside (“Black Leaf” and “No Prosecution If We Bail”). Of course, it’s all filtered through that particular, magical Cave Singers formula: Pete Quirk’s reedy, behind-the-beat delivery and existential wordplay, Derek Fudesco’s lyrical guitar runs and drummer Marty Lund’s no nonsense rhythms.


This will be another one of those great nights at the Treehouse you used to have to go to Seattle for – to hear cutting edge bands bring you to your feet!


Live at KEXP!


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